We speak the language of Shakespeare, or of Molière, of diplomacy … not that most of us talk or write like that on a day-to-day basis!

But more everyday interaction may need to be in a language other than one’s mother tongue. Not a matter of literature, art or diplomacy, but one of clear and accurate communication in another language.

Even if you “get by” in that language, from time to time you may need something that is more precise, less ambiguous, so as to avoid mis-communication.

If the two languages are English and French, I can help, or if I can’t I will tell you promptly. I’ll quote you a fair price. It may not necessarily be the cheapest you can find, but in terms of value for money you won’t be disappointed.

I deliver on time, every time, and I take pride in my accuracy, professionalism and confidentiality. You can read references from satisfied customers here.

I’m happy to phone you to discuss your project in English or French. I look forward to hearing from you!


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