My work

What I do

I’ve worked in translation since 1995 on projects ranging from a few hundred words to a major work of 59,000 words, also helping French students of English to improve their written work, and supporting English speakers through French property transactions and associated formalities (eg. with transfer of utilities).

I hope the above demonstrates that my capabilities are both written and spoken, and that I’m able to deal with a variety of assignments.

More recently, I’ve also started subtitling with translation.

What I don’t do

I am not an ‘assermentée’ translator. This matters to some parts of French officialdom, so you need to know (if those are the circumstances) whether your current officialdom requires it. I have done translations for some bits of officialdom without any problems; it just depends on which officialdom! If in doubt, please ask.

On a lighter note, and still on the subject of what I don’t do, here are some translation ‘howlers’ that you certainly won’t find in my work:

Salade d’avocat : lawyer salad

The dying of the light : l’agonie  de la lumière (‘Do not go gentle into that good night’ de/by Dylan Thomas)

le vendredi, nous proposons des expositions et des vernissages : on Fridays, we have exposures and official varnishings.

les chambres,
… Sèche cheveux, TV écran plat, 35 chaines :
our bedrooms,
… Hair dryer, flat-screen TV, 35 chains

How I work

I am an auto entrepreneur (basically a type of small business), and I work from home. I normally work via e-mail, and supply translations as Microsoft Word documents, but I can supply written documents if required.

References are available here.